BSA Troop # 982

Welcome to Troop 982 - About Us

Troop Overview and Philosophy: We firmly believe that the Troop should be led by the Scouts and we utilize the “patrol method” for learning and advancement. We elect our senior patrol leader, patrol leaders and other positions of responsibility every 6 months (in April and October). We are an established troop with 60 scouts registered as of Dec 2015. The Scouts range in age from 11 to 17 and include new Scouts up to several, active Eagle scouts (and every rank in between).

Over the years, we have accumulated a significant amount of camping gear, such that all of the tents (including high adventure tents), chuck boxes, cook gear, lanterns, propane, etc. are provided by the Troop for the Scouts. We own two trailers for the Troop gear and 7 canoes. We are an active troop with one camping trip or other event occurring every month. We emphasize High Adventure and have a well established track record of making Eagle Scouts (122 scouts have obtained the rank of Eagle Scout from our Troop).

TROOP MEETINGS: The Troop meets weekly at the Leesburg Community Church on 835 Lee Avenue SW in Leesburg, Va., on Tuesday night beginning promptly at 7:00 PM. The meeting will normally end at 8:30 PM. As a general rule, the troop will not conduct a scout meeting if Loudoun County Schools closes that day due to inclement weather (i.e. snow day). The troop may elect to conduct a meeting on a “snow day” if it is apparent that it will not interfere with snow removal or impinge on safety. All scouts will help with the clean up at the end of the meetings with the service patrol's responsibility for the completion of the task. All scouts are expected to attend and participate in the Troop meeting in their scout uniform. A sign-in sheet will be available at each meeting.

Summer Camp: Our Troop currently attends Camp Sinoquipe in the Sinoquipe Scout Reservation, located in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. This year's dates are from 10-16 July, the camp has a special program for 1st year Scouts (Lakusin) which allows newer Scouts to obtain their Tenderfoot rank badge and most of their Second and First class rank badges. Older Scouts will participate in the Merit Badge Program, or in the Mountain Man high-adventure program at the Reservation.

High Adventure: Every summer we send a group of older Scouts to one of the BSA High Adventure Camps - - Philmont (in New Mexico), Sea Base (in the Florida Keys) or Northern Tier (Northern Tier - located in the Boundary Waters of Canada). Some years we have groups going to two of the High Adventure Camps. In 2012 we had 3 crews go to Sea Base and 1 crew go to NTier. Two crews went to the new Bechtel Summit HA camp in the summer of 2014, and two crews went to Philmont in 2015. 2016 is shaping up to have three crews to Sea Base - and at least one crew to Northern Tier. In 2017 will have won the lottery, and will have two crews going to Philmont. No surprise - our troop invests significant resources to ensure our HA program is successful.

Fund-Raising: Scouts earn 20-40% of the retail sales price on our fund raisers. The funds are deposited to their own individual scout account (that can be used for any Troop/scouting event). Our fund raisers include mulch sales in the January to March timeframe and popcorn sales in the September to November timeframe.